What is two-factor authentication?

What is two-factor authentication?

MyState Banks Online Banking services uses two-factor authentication to add extra security to your online Banking.

SMS Security sends secure codes to your nominated mobile phone number via text message.

When you try to make some kinds of changes or transactions – for example, resetting a forgotten password, managing cards, and updating contact details – you will be asked to enter a secure code to authenticate the transaction.

When two- factor authentication (2FA) is required within Internet Security:

  1. if you’re set up for SMS Security click Send SMS Code to have a two-factor authentication code sent to your mobile phone as a text message
  2. Type the secure code in to the dialog box where it says Enter code here
  3. Click Continue

By using unique secure codes to authenticate your requests you reduce the risk of someone accessing your account and transferring money, even if they have obtained your customer number and password. You will also get instant notification if someone is trying to misuse your account, as their activities will trigger a secure code to your mobile phone.

Important: If you receive an SMS secure code and you haven’t initiated a payment, contact us immediately on 138 001.