Frequently Asked Questions

What is stamp duty?

Stamp duty, also referred to as land transfer duty, is a mandatory Australian government tax applied to the purchase of large assets like your home or investment property. The amount of stamp duty you are expected to pay when you buy a property will be affected by a range of factors, including where your property is located, but essentially is determined by the value of your property, the price that you paid for it or its market value at the time of purchase. It is a one-off cost the buyer must pay when a property is transferred from seller to buyer.

How to use the stamp duty calculator?

A stamp duty calculator is preloaded with all of the state-based stamp duty costs so all you have to do is input the state or territory that your property is located in, the type of property that it is and its value or what you paid for it. The results that the calculator returns are indicative only. If you have purchased a property recently then the sales contract will detail your stamp duty obligation.

What factors affect stamp duty?

Stamp duty related to the sale of a property can be affected by a range of factors. These include the dutiable value of the property (what you actually paid for it or the market value, whichever is greater), where the property is located, whether the property is vacant land or an established residence, and whether you are first home buyer.

Stamp duty is not incurred if a property is given to an individual following divorce or a death. Concession rates also apply for pensioners, carers and primary producers. These rates are subject to the individual policies and laws of each state and territory.

If you are not an Australia citizen or permanent resident in Australia, this may also affect the amount of stamp duty you will be charged.

As a property buyer, check whether you may be eligible for the Federal Government First Home Owner Scheme (FHOS) or other stamp duty concessions by contacting your local state or territorial revenue office.

How accurate is a stamp duty calculator?

A stamp duty calculator can give you only an indicative guide so should be used for reference purposes only. The final cost of your transfer duty won’t be calculated until you are ready to settle the purchase of your property.

Settlement is the final stage in the process of purchasing property where all parties associated with the sale and purchase meet to exchange the funds for the property, the transfer of land (where your stamp duty obligations are finalised), certificate of title and any other applicable documentation.

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