Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication

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Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that double checks you are the person you’re claiming to be when you log into online accounts such as Internet Banking.

When you log into an online account with a username and password, you’re using one thing to verify who you are. This is called single factor authentication. With Two-factor authentication you are required to provide two things – your password and a unique code sent to your mobile device.

How does it work? #

We encourage our customers to upgrade their Internet Banking security by linking their mobile phone number with their Internet Banking account allowing us to use Two-factor authentication.

When you try to make some kinds of Internet Banking transactions – for example, transferring funds to someone new – you will be asked to enter a secure code to authenticate the transaction. This one-off secure code will be sent to your mobile phone as a text message and you’ll enter the code into Internet Banking to authenticate the transaction.

By using the SMS Security code to authenticate your transaction you eliminate the risk of someone accessing your account and transferring money if they manage to log in to your account.

Important: If we send you an SMS and you haven’t initiated a payment, contact us immediately on 138 001.

You can upgrade to Two-factor authentication by calling our Customer Care team on 138 001, visiting your nearest branch or logging in to Internet Banking and sending us a secure mail message.