Direct Debits

Direct Debits

A direct debit is an agreement between you, and a service provider e.g. a gym, council, utility (energy, water) where you provide authority for them to debit your MyState Bank account using your BSB and Account Number on specific dates for amounts agreed to pay for services they provide to you.  When the service provider requests for your account to be debited, MyState Bank arrange these on your behalf.

To cancel a direct debit:

  • Call us on 138 001
  • Send us a Secure Message from your Internet Banking; or
  • Visit a MyState Bank branch

We also suggest contacting the service provider that you have made the direct debit arrangement with so that it is cancelled within the conditions of your agreement with them.

Alternatively you can arrange cancellation with the service provider first where you won’t be required to arrange cancellation with MyState Bank.

If you notice an unauthorised direct debit on your account, please contact us and we’ll investigate and process a dispute on your behalf.