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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options?

We make it easy for you to pay your premiums. With our EasyPay insurance options you can pay your Motor Vehicle Insurance premiums monthly from your selected account. That means you’ll avoid those once-a-year payments and you won’t have to keep track of different renewal dates.

You can also add or amend your cover anytime and, best of all, pay-by-the-month at no extra cost. Of course, if you’d prefer to pay your Motor Vehicle Insurance premiums annually, you can, the choice is yours.

Is my car covered when someone else drives?

This depends on the policy you’ve chosen.

With our standard Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy, your car is covered no matter who’s behind the wheel (note: some exclusions apply).

With our Nominated Driver policies, drivers under 25 years of age aren’t covered (except for learner drivers accompanied by a fully licensed driver aged 25 years or more). Anyone that’s not listed on your policy will incur a higher excess in the event of a claim, too.

It’s a good idea to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before letting someone else drive your car or if you’re not sure give us a call on 138 001.

How much does car insurance cost?

The cost of car insurance depends on a range of factors, from the type of car you drive to whether you’ve had an accident in the past. Some covers allow you to lower the cost of your insurance premium but then again it does not apply for all customers. For example, with Comprehensive Car Insurance you can nominate two drivers to be covered on your policy, or you can choose a policy that restricts how far you drive each year. The best way to answer this question is to complete a quick quote. You’ll have an answer in 3 minutes.

How to make an insurance claim?

We want to make it as simple as possible for you to make a claim. Call CGU 24/7 on 13 24 80 with the following details:

  • Your policy number or personal contact details
  • Contact details of anyone else involved in the incident (get their name, address, vehicle rego, phone number and insurance details if possible)
  • Any letters or court documents about the incident, including an incident report number from the police

During the claims process, you can choose how and when we contact you. In most cases, you’ll deal with a dedicated claims specialist.

What type of car insurance do I need?

This depends on a few things. If you want absolute peace of mind that you’re covered for all costs if you have an accident, then you can’t go past Comprehensive Car Insurance with all of its optional extras. Comprehensive Car Insurance is our most popular cover.

If your car isn’t worth much, then you may want a more cost-effective policy. Our two Third Party policies include $30m liability cover and uninsured motorist damage – giving you peace of mind that you won’t face big bills after an accident.

If you’re not sure which cover you need, you could speak to an insurance adviser by calling 138 001 or visiting a branch.

Why do you need a car insurance?

The purpose of any kind of insurance is to financially protect your asset, and depending on your type of cover could include covering the cost to repair or provide you with a brand new one in its place.

When it comes to car insurance, this can happen in a variety of ways from accidental damage sustained in a car accident or for loss or damage in the event of theft or accident for which you were not at-fault. You may also cause damage or fire to another vehicle or other types of property which your car insurance can cover you for as well.

Car insurance comes in three different levels of cover through CGU protection with MyState Bank– Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Third Party Property Insurance. We’ve worked hard to deliver affordable insurance solutions for our customers. It won’t take you much time to complete an online insurance quote which you can accept via our website as well. Opt to pay for your premium in full or choose our EasyPay option instead and spread the cost of your policy evenly over 12 months. There are no additional fees for choosing our pay-by-the-month option and you can add or amend your policy at any time while it’s active.

What are the types of Car Insurance?
Comprehensive Insurance

This type of car insurance can offer driver’s complete coverage for their vehicle – a good option for anyone seeking the highest level of cover. Our policy types can cover your motorcycle, car, trailer or horse float for loss or damage and also cover you for legal liability for loss or damage to another person’s vehicle or property. You are offered $30m in liability cover, new car replacement up for vehicles up to three years old, hire car for up to 21 days if your car is stolen, and the option of choosing coverage which includes the use of a hire car after an accident as well. The terms and conditions for many financed vehicles will stipulate that the vehicle owner must have their vehicle comprehensively insured for the duration of the car loan.

Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance

This type of car insurances offers drivers a sort of gap cover option. A policy holder is covered for the theft or fire damage of their vehicle and also for any legal liability for loss or damage to another person’s property. Our policy offers you the same $30m in liability cover, coverage for an uninsured driver for damages up to $5,000 and a hire car for up to 21 days if your car is stolen. This policy does not include a new car replacement for vehicles up to three years old and nor does it offer policy holders the option of adding a hire car following an accident to their policy.

Third Party Property Insurance

Third Party Property Insurance covers you for legal liability for loss or damage to another person’s vehicle or property when you have insured your motorcycle or car. It offers $30m in liability cover as well as coverage against any uninsured drivers.


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