Parental Guarantee

Parental Guarantee

Need help to make the great Australian dream a reality? #

Whether you’re buying your first home or just need a little help getting into your next home, a Parental Guarantee can help you get there sooner.

Buy sooner #

Still renting or living at home? Struggling to save a deposit with housing affordability and cost of living continuing to rise? A Parental Guarantee can help you buy sooner.

Save money #

A Parental Guarantee can help you reduce your Lenders Mortgage Insurance premiums and/or gain access to lower interest rates.

Understand what is involved #

As with anything, there are some risks involved for the guarantor. It is important that both you and the guarantor get independent financial and legal advice before entering into any agreement, so everyone understands their risks and obligations.

Am I eligible? #

Parental Guarantees are available on any owner-occupied, principal and interest loan. They are not available for investment properties or interest only loans.