MyState Bank cuts fixed rate home loans to historic lows

Following the Reserve Bank’s Melbourne Cup Day decrease to the official cash rate, MyState Bank today announced that they will decrease new fixed rate home loans by up to 1.00% effective 9 November.

Important Notice for Customers – Change to the Terms & Conditions Deposit Accounts & Electronic Banking

MyState Bank have updated the Terms & Conditions for Deposit Accounts & Electronic Banking dated 15 February 2020 effective 23 October 2020.

Important Notice for Customers – Interest Rate Changes for Savings Account effective 1 October 2020

MyState Bank have made changes to the interest rates on the following Savings Account effective 1 October 2020.

Australian’s savings and financial dreams hit hard by COVID-19

A third of Australians have dipped into their savings due to COVID-19. MyState Bank launches AI-driven banking solution to help customers manage their spending, save, and reduce debt.

Put a spring in your step and get ready for your next adventure

Whether it be a home renovation, garden makeover or even upgrading your car, there are several ways we can help make those plans a reality.

Social Media Scam Awareness

These days people of all ages are online and using social media, and social media can be a great way to stay connected with people and businesses. It can also be a hunting ground for scammers, which is why it’s really important that you stay aware of how much personal information you reveal on your social media accounts.

Important Notice for Customers – Interest Rate Changes for Savings Accounts effective 10 August 2020

MyState Bank have decreased the interest rate on the following Savings Accounts effective 10 August 2020.

Phishing Scam Awareness

Phishing scams are when scammers pretend to be from a government authority or legitimate business, sending a message in order to attempt to trick you into giving out your personal information such as bank account details, passwords and personal information.

7 Minimalist Money Saving Tips

There’s no doubt that this year has been full of uncertainty, which makes it particularly difficult to think about and plan for the future. But with things like travel plans and social events being postponed now’s a great time to start thinking about where you can save some extra cash.
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