Are you under insured?

Are you under insured?

CGU insurance cover through MyState Bank aims to provide you with protection and peace of mind, so that in the unfortunate event that your home or contents are lost or damaged, you will be covered for their full repair or replacement cost.

Consider the things below. Do they impact your current policy?

  • New purchases or renovations
  • Current level of assets and liabilities
  • Income required so you can maintain your family’s standard of level
  • Costs of a housekeeper, day care or disability carer should these services need to be provided
  • Costs of caring for a totally or permanently disabled person
  • The cost to provide for the future education needs of your children

Contact us or use the online calculators to estimate just how much home buildings and contents insurance cover you really need. You could be pleasantly surprised at how little extra it costs.

Please remember that it’s your responsibility to make sure the amount you’re insured for is adequate.