A Business Online Saver bank account is a great way to generate income by investing surplus funds without locking your money away for a set period.

With no monthly account keeping fees and convenient access to your bank account 24/7 via Phone and Internet Banking, this savings and investment bank account is the ideal way to manage your business banking needs.

Features and benefits of this Business Online Saver Account

Unlimited transfers between your related Business accounts
Accepts direct credit deposits from any financial institution
Competitive tiered interest for balances over $10,000*
Internet Banking (24/7 access)
Phone Banking (transfer money to your linked accounts at any time of the day)
No monthly account-keeping fees

* Calculated daily and paid monthly

Find out more about this Business Account

To find out more about our Business Online Saver account, visit a MyState Bank branch, complete our online enquiry form or call 138 001.

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