Open Banking

Open Banking

What is Open Banking? #

Open Banking allows you to easily and securely share some of your banking data with other accredited organisations that you trust online.

What does this mean for me? #

Open Banking gives you greater access to and control over your data. It can also change the way that you compare and switch between products and services and can give you access to new features and services to help you manage your finances. It was introduced after the Australian Government passed legislation called the Consumer Data Right (also known as the CDR).

What is the Consumer Data Right? #

The CDR puts control of your data in your hands. The CDR is being introduced to the Australian banking sector in phases. It will then also be applied to the energy and telecommunications sectors in the future. If you have any questions about the CDR legislation please visit the Australian Government CDR website.

MyState Bank has a CDR policy which has information about how you can access or amend your MyState Bank data in relation to the CDR and how to make a complaint.

Who is eligible? #

Your MyState data is available to be shared as part of CDR if you’re:

  • An individual over 18 years of age; or
  • a business; and
  • have online access via MyState Mobile or Internet Banking.

Data sharing will progressively become available for different customer types in accordance with the phased implementation timeframes specified under the CDR. More information and instructions will become available as implementation phases progress.

Access and availability #

Open Banking will begin to come available to MyState Bank customers from August 2021.
Participation is completely optional and you will be able to choose whether you’d like to share your data or not. You’ll also be required to provide consent to share your data and you have the option to remove consent to share your information at any time.

In order to access your data we must have a valid email address and mobile phone number on record to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for data security purposes.

Update your personal details by calling 138 001.

Individual account holders #

From August 2021 individual account holders will be able to authorise us to share selected personal banking information such as account information, transaction details and direct debits with other accredited providers.

Non-individual accounts (e.g. joint, business) #

For customers with joint accounts, or who are secondary users, in a partnership, or not an individual (e.g. a business profile), data sharing will become available for MyState customers from the end of July 2024.

How data sharing works #

Participation in Open Banking is completely optional and you must go through an opt-in process.

First you need to go to the website or app of the accredited third party organisation you want to share your MyState Bank information with. They’ll tell you what data they need and how long they want you to share it for.

You will then be asked to provide your consent, that’s when you’ll connect securely to the MyState Bank system where you can follow the prompts and set up your data sharing arrangement in just a few easy steps:

  1. First we’ll need to identify you as a MyState customer. Enter your customer number (you can find this on your MyState Bank card or eStatement). We’ll send you a One Time Password (OTP) via SMS or email. This is not the same password you use to log in to the MyState Bank app or Internet Banking. The OTP will expire in 5 mins and can only be used once. Please note if you get this wrong you won’t be locked out of any of your MyState Bank accounts.
  2. Enter your One Time Password.
  3. Select from your available accounts which ones you would like to share data from (these can be closed accounts).
  4. Once you have confirmed your consent, we’ll securely share your data with that organisation. You will be taken back to the accredited organisation’s website or service you started on and they will have ongoing access to your data.
  5. A record of your data sharing agreement will appear on your Data Sharing dashboard on the MyState Mobile App and Internet Banking.

Managing your data sharing arrangements #

You can view and manage the details of all your active and archived data sharing arrangements through your MyState Bank Mobile App or Internet Banking.

Mobile App:

Profile & Security > Data Sharing

Internet Banking:

Manage > Data Sharing

You can also manage your data sharing arrangement directly with the accredited organisation you are sharing data with.

How do I stop sharing my data? #

You can stop sharing your data at any time on the MyState Bank Mobile App or Internet Banking by simply clicking ‘Stop Sharing’ on the data sharing arrangement.

Internet Banking:

Mobile App:

You will need to complete a 2 step process to confirm you would like to stop the data sharing arrangement. Once this is completed, the details will move to the archived arrangements tab for future reference.

FAQ’s #

Who can I share my banking data with? #

You can only share your data with Accredited Data Recipients. You can view the list on the CDR website.

Is Open Banking safe to use? #

Yes, there are strict rules and security protocols in place to protect your information. Participating providers – like us – must also be accredited by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Will I be charged a fee for this service? #

Under the CDR legislation, we will not charge you a fee to share your data with an accredited organisation.

Where can I learn more about Open Banking and the CDR? #

Visit the Consumer Data Right website for more information on Open Banking, your rights as a consumer and how the CDR works.