About Us

We exist to help people achieve their dreams, both big and small - and we just happen to be a bank. Our customers are human and that’s how we treat them, which is why the way we do things are designed to be just that. A human way to bank.

Our story started over 50 years ago, in the communities that created us, and today we’ve helped over 135,000 individuals write their own stories. You see, we come from a long history of community bankers, who focus on helping people, making their lives easier and reducing the friction of moving money and living their lives.

When that’s how you start, it’s who you are. That commitment to our customers and our communities is our promise to you.

Our Human Way to Bank

We answer your call

Talking to a human is back in vogue (it never wasn’t if you ask us) and you’ll always chat to a member of your local customer care team…And without spending eternity on hold!

We do things properly

We care about more than your account number and will never compromise your needs or financial security for the sake of making a quick buck off you.

Get what you expect

It’s your money and you have the freedom to access that however you like, without any nasty surprises.

More ways to bank

You’ve got front row seats to simpler, easier and better ways of banking, with a little hand from our good friend technology.

We’re here to help

With over 50 years experience our local, friendly staff can help you find what you're looking for.

Open account in minutes