Easy ways to move your money with no fees

Easy ways to move your money with no fees

There’s so many choices to move money in and out of our accounts, with digital options making it so much easier to do our day-to-day banking.

Make sure when you access your money you’re not getting charged any fees. Here’s a few different ways you can move your money fee-free.

Standard Transfer

To request money from someone else, give them the MyState BSB 807-009 along with your account number. Depending on the amount it may take 1-3 business days for the money to arrive in your account.

If you want to transfer money out of your account:

  1. Log in to internet banking or the MyState mobile app
  2. Select Pay and follow the prompts.
    You’ll have the option to transfer money between your accounts, pay someone else or schedule payments (now, future dated or recurring).

Osko (real-time payment)

It works exactly like a standard transfer but payments are made or received in near real-time.

You can transfer up to $2,500 per day to another bank account.


Most utility bills, like rates and power, offer the option to pay a bill using a BPAY biller code.

  1. Log into your internet banking or the app
  2. Select Pay –> Bpay to get started.

Handy Tip: When creating a new BPAY biller, why not Save to contacts for handy use next time.

Changing your payment limits

Payment limits for Osko, Standard Transfers and BPAY can be changed via your internet banking or the app under Payment settings. If you need to increase your limit above the available options, contact our friendly Customer Care Team on 138 001 who can arrange this for you.


Provide your PayID to friends, family or businesses to receive money in real-time.

  1. Link your bank account to a mobile phone number
  2. You’ll find instructions to set up PayID on our website.

Use your phone or wearable device to make payments

A growing number of businesses prefer card payments these days. The good news is you don’t need to carry your physical Visa Debit card around with you.

  1. Work out what digital wallet you need for your device. Learn more about the different digital wallets available here.
  2. Have your card details handy when you add and activate your digital wallet.
  3. If your payment has been successful your phone may make a noise or vibrate to let you know a payment has been made.
  4. Before proceeding with any payment make sure a surcharge has not been applied for using a card.

Need cash?

If you don’t have access to a MyState Bank ATM, avoid paying ATM fees by using other major bank ATMs. Find your nearest fee-free ATM.

Did you know you can also ask for cash out, at participating businesses like supermarkets? Simply select “savings” when you insert your card and enter your PIN. The amount you can withdraw will vary depending on the merchant, so please check before requesting cash out.