Tasmanian Budget – Bread & Butter Budget…with a Stadium on Top

MyState Bank CEO Brett Morgan said the 2023-24 Tasmanian State Budget was bread and butter budget….with a stadium on top. “The 2023-24 State Budget has revealed a sharp drop in Tasmania’s expected economic growth, a fall state tax revenue, and a rain-check on a budget surplus,” Mr Morgan said.

2023-24 Federal Budget: A high-wire balancing act

MyState Bank CEO Brett Morgan said the 2023-24 Federal Budget was a high-wire balancing act that’s attempting to tread a fine line between helping Tasmanians while not stoking the inflation fire.
Interest Rate Changes

Notice to Customers – Savings account interest rates effective 1 June 2023

MyState Bank have changed the following interest rates on the following Savings Accounts effective 1 June 2023.
investment scams

MyState Investment Impersonation Scam

We’re aware of a new scam circulating at the moment, which targets new MyState customers and promises accelerated savings rates for opening a new term deposit via email.

MyState Foundation & Colony 47 to give Tasmanian youth a JumpStart into housing

In a Tasmanian first, Colony 47 is partnering with the MyState Foundation to deliver a new pilot program to help tackle Tasmania’s youth housing crisis.