Update Contact Details – Are your contact details up to date?

To help keep your accounts safe and secure it’s important we have your most up to date contact information.

Enhancing fraud detection

Our customers now have access to enhanced fraud monitoring and detection capabilities through a new NPP Payment Hold feature.
investment scams

MyState Investment Impersonation Scam

We’re aware of a new scam circulating at the moment, which targets new MyState customers and promises accelerated savings rates for opening a new term deposit via email.

Keeping your accounts safe

The security of your data and accounts is always a priority for us, but in response to the recent Optus data breach we want to let you know we’ve taken additional steps to keep you and your accounts safe.

Sign up to PayID and stop scammers

MyState Bank is supporting the Australian Banking Association’s (ABA) new campaign to combat scammers.

Secure your card through a digital wallet

Digital wallet usage has grown significantly in Australia over the last year. If you haven’t set one up yet you may be wondering about the security of this payment method compared to physical cards.

Think before you click during tax time

It’s that time of the year where many of us are getting ready to lodge our tax returns (if we haven’t done so already). During this time, it’s very important to keep an eye out for tax scams. Tax time could really be taxing if you give out personal details to scammers impersonating the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
investment scams

Don’t be fooled by Investment Scams

If an investment opportunity looks too good to be true, it probably is. Common investment scams may include lucrative investment opportunities such as shares and stock, bonds, cryptocurrencies, foreign currency trading or property projects.
Remote Access Scam

Remote Access Scam

Scammers may use various techniques to access your devices. These may include asking for access to their device or to download an app that grants the scammer control of the device or can be used to observe keystrokes to obtain passwords.