Business Internet Banking vs. Regular Internet Banking

MyState’s Business Internet Banking contains additional functionality that Personal Internet Banking does not offer including creating batch payments and adding delegated users to name a few. Not all Business Banking customers need this additional functionality, therefore our regular internet banking may be a better option.

If you are unsure which solution you need, let us know and we will be able to answer any questions you have.

Features Personal Internet Banking Business Internet Banking
Add delegated users  
Create Batch templates  
Batch processing  
Authorise payments function  
Second Factor Authentication  
View & print account balances
Download your statements in a range of formats
Transfer funds to any Australian Financial institution
Create scheduled transfers
Check the interest you’ve earned & paid
Change your Internet Banking Password
View cheques presented
Internet Banking App

Quick start guides

Delegated User Management

Delegated User Registration

To provide access to Business Internet Banking to a delegated user, both the Administrator and Delegated User need to complete the Delegated User Registration Form. To activate, this form needs to be returned with identification, to a MyState Branch by the Delegated User.

Delegated User Cancellation

To cancel a Delegated User's access, you will need to cancel the users access under the 'Manage Users' panel in Business Internet Banking. You will then need to complete the Delegated User Cancellation Form and return to your nearest MyState Branch.

For more information view the User Guide, available for download on this support page.

Second Factor Authentication

MyState Business Internet Banking has been designed to provide you with safe, secure online banking through SMS Second Factor Authentication.

Second Factor Authentication is an additional layer of security which is activated when you perform Internet Banking Transactions that carry an increased risk. For example, when you complete a high-value transaction or make your first transfer to a new payee.

Second Factor Authentication provides a unique SMS security code that you can use in addition to your customer number, username and password for safe and secure account access.

When you make a transaction that requires Second Factor Authentication you will be prompted to obtain Further Authentication by clicking on the ‘Get SMS Code’ button. Automatically an SMS will be sent to your mobile number containing a six digit authentication code. Simply enter that code where required on your Business Internet Banking session and your transaction will be authenticated.

Minimum system requirements

For security purposes, MyState’s Business Internet Banking service does not support Internet Explorer 6 and older web browsers. To use this service, we recommend you use the latest version of a web browser, as out dated browsers may contain 'bugs', security vulnerabilities and limitations that may make using Internet Banking less secure and more difficult.

The following are the minimum browser versions supported:

Business Internet Banking may work on earlier versions of the above software or on other browser types that have not been listed, however, these are the minimum supported types and versions.

To download one of the browsers above, simply click on the link and follow the instructions on screen.

Password requirements

Your password must:

  • NOT consist of consecutive numbers (e.g. 123456, 987654)
  • NOT consist of repeated characters (e.g. 222222)
  • NOT resemble your customer number
  • Contain at least one lowercase letter
  • Contain at least one uppercase letter
  • Contain at least one special character
  • Contain at least one number
  • Differ from previous passwords used
  • Must be at least 8 characters in length

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyState Business Internet Banking?

MyState Business Banking provides a specialised electronic transactional solution for Business customers to meet their financial needs.

How to register?

You will need to contact your MyState Business Banking Manager or visit your local MyState Branch to register for Business Internet Banking.

What are main the differences between Personal and Business Internet Banking?

Business Internet Banking has a number of additional features such as:

  • Delegated Users, Authorised Transactions, Batch Templates and Batch Processing.
  • Many to sign (MTS) facility when multiple account owners need to authorise a transaction.
What is Second Factor Authentication?

Second Factor Security is an additional layer of security used when you perform Internet Banking transactions that carry an increased risk – such as high value transactions or creating a new payee.

How can you tell if the site is the real MyState website or if it is a hoax site?

You can be sure you are always viewing the real MyState Business Internet Banking site by following these simple steps:

  • Always enter Internet Banking through the link from the MyState website
  • Never access MyState Internet Banking from an email link
What fees and charges apply to Business Internet Banking?

For full details, please refer to MyState’s Fees and Charges for Deposit Accounts.

What functions are available in Business Internet Banking?
  • Delegated Users – This function gives you the ability to add additional users to your Business Internet Banking account and to determine which features and accounts that user can access.
  • Authorise Transactions – allows the account owner to authorise delegated users to make transactions.
  • Batch Processing – this function allows the user to combine multiple transactions from a one account into a single transaction.
  • Batch Templates - provide a means of reusing the same details for many batches without having to enter them from scratch manually each time.
How do I create a Role for Delegated Users?

Roles need to be created for Delegated Users before they can be added as new users.

To create a Role navigate to Manage>>Delegated Users>>Roles and click on ‘New Role’, then create the Role by adding the required information and setting access permission levels and transactional limits.

How do I set up a Delegated User?

Under Manage>Delegated Users tab there is a ‘Users’ menu which allows the editing and management of the selected ‘Delegated User’ access. You can delete, edit, block and unblock employees through this function.

Can a Delegated User still access Personal Internet Banking?

Yes. A Delegated User can still access their Personal Internet Banking, because when they log-in as a Delegated User to Business Internet Banking they are using the Administrator’s customer number, not their own.

What does Authorise Transactions mean?

This screen prompts the user to gain an authorisation for the transaction before it can be processed. If authorisation is unable to be attained, the transaction will be visible in the Authorise Transactions screen until it has been authorised and sent.

Can I have more than one person to authorise transactions?

The ‘Many to Sign’ function allows you to decide how much authorisation is required on particular accounts or transactions, or to set all accounts and transactions to a certain number of users to authorise.

What is Batch Processing?

Batch processing allows you to combine several Internet Banking transactions into a single transaction. You can set up a Payment Batch to be posted immediately or for a specified future date.

How do I create a Batch?

You can navigate to Batch Payment from Transfer & Pay >>Batch>>Batch Payments menu and create a new Batch using Templates or your can edit an existing Batch Template to suit your needs.

  • Using a File -when you select this option you will be prompted to upload a Cemtex ABA file which will populate the appropriate Batch details
  • New – select this option to create a Batch from start to finish
What is Batch Processing?

Batch processing allows you to combine several Internet Banking transactions into a single transaction. You can set up a Payment Batch to be posted immediately or for a specified future date.

What is a Cemtex File?

A Cemtex ABA file is used by banks to allow for Batch Transactions and has specifications issued by the Australian Bankers Association.

How do I post a Batch?

To post a Batch fill all mandatory details in ‘Create a new batch payment’ screen and proceed till ‘Post batch payment’ screen and then click on ‘Post now’ button.

What happens if my Batch fails?

If an immediate Batch fails due to insufficient funds in ‘Source Account’, an error message will be displayed stating ‘Insufficient fund in the from account’.

If a Batch Fails mid-process, a Secure Message will be sent including details of which payees in the Batch were processed. You will need to create an alternate Batch for the payees from the first Batch that were not processed. If you attempt to repost the original Batch, payees who have already been processed will be processed again. If a future dated Batch fails a Secure Message will be sent including details of the failure.