This type of account is a convenient way of pooling your money and may suit individuals in long term relationships, couples who share financial obligations and savings partners saving toward a mutual financial goal. A joint bank account can also be held in more than just two people’s names.

How to open a joint bank account online?

For existing MyState Bank customers, simply log into your online banking platform to open a new joint bank account. For new customers, it takes just a few minutes to set you up as a MyState Bank customer.

Before opening a new joint account, it’s important that all account holders on your nominated account understand all account terms and conditions, any restrictions on deposits and withdrawals as well as any fees applicable. Account holders all have access to the funds within a joint account, but you can set levels of authority for things like who can make changes to an existing account.

If you are considering a joint Bonus Saver Account, our multi award winning savings option offering customers access to competitive interest earnings, then this can be linked with a transaction account from MyState as long as the Bonus Saver and transaction account are both opened in the same names. Opening a new Glide transaction account can also be done online in less than 5 minutes.

Open an account online in under 5 minutes

Apply online

You will need an Australian Driver License or Passport and about 5 mins

Receive your email

This will have your Customer Number


Login to the MyState Bank App or Internet Banking

Ready to use

Your VISA Debit Card will arrive shortly, ready to be activated

What do you need for a joint bank account?

Opening a new joint back account online with MyState is quick and easy. For both account holders, you’ll need to supply contact details, a form of identification for each account holder (Driver’s Licence or Passport) and tax file numbers.

Once you have opened a new account with us, you’ll receive online access to your own banking portal and can also download the MyState Bank App for any mobile device immediately.

The MyState Bank App is your go-to banking App for all of your accounts with us.

"Opening a new joint back account online with MyState is quick and easy.”

How to remove someone from joint bank account?

MyState can arrange to place a freeze on the account, prohibiting withdrawals as a temporary solution. You can also choose to open a new bank account and transfer your portion of the joint funds. Feel free to contact our customer care team on 138 001 to discuss your options and next steps for changing your joint bank account.

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