The MyState Group Whistleblower Protection Policy (WPP) ensures that there are processes in place to maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour and integrity and protect any person who reports inappropriate conduct from reprisal. The WPP doesn’t just apply to our employees, but to contractors, consultants, suppliers, third party providers, brokers or auditors.

Some examples of the type of conduct which may be considered reportable may include (but is not limited to):

  • An actual or potential criminal offence;
  • Suspicion of fraud or theft;
  • Suspect transactions;
  • Disregard for legislation and regulation;
  • Breach of corporate governance (e.g. laws, policies and procedures);
  • Breach of a code of conduct;
  • Actual or likely damage or loss to any of MyState’s assets;
  • Unethical behaviour generally.

If you have a concern, you may report inappropriate conduct through the following channels:

  1. Through our external auditor; Wise Lord & Ferguson, Phone: (03) 6223 6155.
  2. Emailing:

Wise, Lord & Ferguson receive whistleblower information when for various reasons the whistleblower is not comfortable utilising the internal MyState process. Their role as the recipient of the information is to consider the nature of the issue and assess who in MyState they can communicate with to address the issue raised.

Wise, Lord & Ferguson would normally address any issue raised with the Company Secretary, as a direct report to the Board. If in their judgement the issue is of a significance or relates to a senior member of the executive team, they may choose to raise the matter directly with the Chair of the Board. The confidentiality of the Whistleblower will be held sacrosanct.

For more information please refer to the MyState Group Whistleblower Protection Policy.