Payments that move with you.

Introducing Garmin Pay™, the fast, safe and convenient way to pay when you are on the go. No cards? No cash? No phone? No problem.

Now you can make payments with nothing but your compatible Garmin watch. Almost effortless to use, Garmin Pay protects your payments with watch-specific card numbers and transaction codes - allowing you to pay with confidence.

Simple to use

Garmin Pay is super easy to use, letting you make purchases anywhere you see the contactless payment symbol.

Getting started is simple

Adding your MyState Bank Visa card to Garmin Pay is simple, quick and done through the Garmin Connect Mobile App.

Open the app on your phone and go to Garmin Devices. Choose your device, then tap Garmin Pay and Create Your Wallet.

Create a four-digit passcode to keep your digital wallet on your watch secure.

Add your MyState Bank Visa card by selecting card type, and manually entering the card data or scan using your phone’s camera.

Verify your identity using the one-time passcode sent to your phone or email, or by calling us Once the verification is complete, your card will be added to your wallet. And you’re ready to shop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Garmin Pay?

You can use Garmin Pay almost anywhere you can make contactless payments. Simply look for the contactless payment symbol when you go to pay at the terminal.

How do I pay with Garmin Pay?

When you want to pay, simply enter your passcode on your watch. Select your MyState Bank Visa card from your virtual wallet. Place the watch screen near the contactless payment terminal and you’re done.

Is Garmin Pay secure and private?

Garmin Pay protects you by using watch-specific card numbers and transaction codes every time you make a purchase. Your card number is not stored on your device, on Garmin Pay’s servers or passed to retailers when you pay.

How do I remove or delete a card from Garmin Pay?

You can add, remove or delete a card from Garmin Pay via the Garmin Pay Wallet which is found in the Garmin Pay section of the Garmin Connect Mobile App.

What happens if I lose my Garmin watch?

Your card details are not stored on your watch, and your digital wallet on your watch is kept secure with your 4-digit passcode. You can suspend your cards in the Garmin Wallet on your mobile device (accessed via the Garmin Pay section of the Garmin Connect Mobile App) for added security.

What happens if I enter my watch passcode incorrectly?

When accessing your wallet on your Garmin watch, three incorrect passcode attempts will result in the wallet on the device being locked. To unlock the wallet, you will need to return to the Garmin Connect Mobile App and set a new passcode.

To do this, tap Garmin Pay and then reset passcode. You’ll first be prompted to enter the original passcode in order to set a new one.

After three incorrect attempts to enter original passcode, or if you do not remember the original passcode, the current on-device wallet will be deleted to protect your information. If this occurs, you’ll need to repeat the steps to create your wallet, assign a new passcode and add your cards.

* Compatible devices can be found at Garmin, the Garmin logo, and the Garmin delta are trademarks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries and are registered in one or more countries, including the U.S. Garmin Pay is a trademark of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries. Garmin terms and conditions may also apply to using the Garmin Pay app, please refer to their website for further information.